Our Services

  • Custom carpentry
    The frame of a house is in fact its core or its basic structure. The one on which all the materials will be installed. To ensure that your house is safe and well built, you will need more than the plan in your hands. It is important to use the right materials at the right places. Our house frames are custom made and perfectly designed to suit your needs!
  • Bathroom
    Long neglected,the bathroom is currently the room that everyone is looking to improve. Having a well decorated and well design bathroom is now considered as an added value to your house. This room has also become a place where comfort and relaxation are sought. Because bathrooms are often cramped, functional use of space is unquestionably the key to your success. As for the style of this room, the only obstacle is your imagination.
  • Garage and shed
    That’s it! It’s decided! You’re building a shed or even better, a garage! In either way, you are offering yourself some additional storage space for your bicycles or your garden furniture. Maybe you’re just looking for a place where you will be able to do some handicrafts? Whatever the usage you are planning to do with your new acquisition, you should entrust the excavation and foundation work to our specialized team who ensure that your new project will eventually increase the resale value of your property.
  • Interior finish
    To guarantee the success of a valued project, the final results must be impressive and perfect. Precision material cutting, material installation and the painting preparation are three steps that can not be neglected.
  • Roofing
    Roof renovations are definitely a very profitable investment. Usually, the first step of a house improvement project is to restore the roof. Smaller repairs can be made without changing the original aspect of your house, but a complete restoration is a lot more profitable and durable.
  • Ceramics
    Particularly interesting to coat the kitchen floor, the bathroom, the entrance or the canopy, ceramic tiles are also well suited for work surfaces or walls subjected to strain. Durability, variety of textures, colors, finishes and flexibility in the arrangement are valuable assets in development.
  • Garage door installation
    Installing a garage door is a significant task that requires a certain level of expertise. It is therefore important to use the services of a specialized contractor.
  • Extension
    Looking for some extra space in your house? Well, maybe it’s time to build an extension with the services of our experts.
  • Staircase
    Stairs are everywhere around us to help us going from a level to the other. You can use different materials to build a staircase such as wood, metal, marble, fibreglass…but in the end, they all have the same purpose, helping you to go up and down from one floor to another. The material that you will choose will mostly depend on the appearance that you want to give to your new home.
  • Doors and windows
    The maingateway to the privacy of your home, your exterior doors should always be in accordance with the style of your house or other architectural elements. Quality doors and windows will also give you better insulation sealing factor.
  • Heritage home restorations
    These restorations aim to recreate as faithfully as possible all the features of a heritage building. Nowadays, the return to the original appearance of a building is no longer selected as the ideal improvement solution. Most of the time, we consider that a building’s history is revealed by looking at its evolution and its adaptation to the need’s of its occupants. Restoration requires the use of specialized equipment or techniques and traditional materials, it usually leads to high costs as well. However, it will allow you to conserve an important part of your village or region’s architecture’s history.
  • Kitchen
    Tired of this non-functional room and its old fashion look? Let’s renovate your kitchen! Did you know that in addition to make your life more pleasant, the improvement of your kitchen, if properly implemented, could increase the resale value of your house by almost 10% ?
  • Hardwood and laminated flooring
    The warmth and the natural beauty of the wood are without a doubt the first argument when you are choosing it as flooring. What type of flooring will best suit your needs, lifestyle and budget?
  • Siding
    Wether you choose the time proven beauty of natural wood, or today’s attractive and durable pre finish siding,such as canexel,maybec,vinyl,alluminium or sheet metal. Our products are also backed by an excellent manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Basement
    With the purchase of your new house, you promised yourself that you would improve the basement as soon as you would have the time and the financial resources. Well now you’re ready! Your basement will finally be exactly like you wanted it.
  • Cottage
    Looking for a place to relax or perhaps to renovate this beautiful place of yours. We’ll help you live your dreams with your little paradise project,whether it be rustic or modern.
  • Maintenance and repair services
    With our repairs services such as : fixing the doors, adjusting the garage doors, replacing the door knobs, replacing the door looks, other small repairs, etc. You can now sleep soundly.
  • And many more!
    Many types or home improvements are available. Please contact us if you need specific details or if you have a particular project. Contact us!